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Three Days (Part 1) - Male!Cruella De Vil x Reader
Cruella De Vil = Crue De Vil
other characters mentioned in this are all created by me :) except for reader-chan, of course c:
the dalmatians are out of the picture so please do not expect this to be from the movies :) I chose a different time for this story ^_^ Enjoy!
h/l = hair length
h/c = hair color
f/n = first name
l/n = last name
e/c = eye color

It was just like any normal day for you as you spend your day off in the garden. Despite the fact that you were at home, you still dressed properly like the lady who your parents expected you to be. Your (h/l) (h/c) hair was neatly kempt and you wore a plain white blouse tucked in your formal gray skirt although it would not be right to wear heels when you were just at home so you wore slippers.
The garden was one of your most precious treasures that your mother left you and your father. Growing various flowers made you think that you were still with her as it brought back memories of your childhood when you first learned how t
:iconkitheartanime:KitHeartAnime 271 52
Your Business, My Pleasure (Male!UrsulaxReader)3/3
Triton's smile fades and turns into confusion, then anger as his brother slithers between them and the doorway. “Ursul, what is the meaning of this?” Triton scowls and moves his wife behind him.
“Is it not obvious? I’m dethroning you, you fool,” Ursul snaps. “I’m taking what rightfully belongs to me, and that’s the throne alongside the trident.”
“You’re not foolish enough to attempt treason?” his brother growls.
“Attempt is the wrong word to pin to me, Triton. My patience with your naivety has worn thin. Your death is inevitable; I will take the trident away from you whether you’re alive or a pathetic corpse writhing on the ground. Take your pick. By the time I’m through with you, there will be no witnesses.”
The King audibly seethes, his knuckles whitening around the trident. The muscles in his arm strain as though to raise the weapon—shooting his brother is his only choice, he realiz
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 306 85
Your Business, My Pleasure (Male!UrsulaxReader)2/3
“You still haven’t answered my question,” you mutter, strained, as a tentacle caresses  down the entirety of your back and tail for the umpteenth time while Ursul lays along his side on a stone slab. His pointer finger pulls at his bottom lip at slow, absent intervals as though whatever is running through his mind requires all of his attention—and not in a good way.
He shows no sign of hearing you, instead emitting a long, low groan that turns into a mischievous chuckle. You shift as the action causes his stretched rib and stomach muscles to contract rhythmically.
"Ursul," you call, peeved. When he remains entangled in his thoughts, you grasp hard at the slick tentacle petting you. The appendage reflexively coils around your arm with tingling, sucking sensations that elicit a minute gasp. Ursul's sharp blue irises snap up to you, eyeing your gripped forearm within his undulating tentacle.
You seethe when the tiny suckers nibble at your skin, though somethin
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 246 49
Your Business, My Pleasure (Male!UrsulaxReader)1/3
~Author's Note: Just a note that Ursula is a "Cecaelia"--half human, half octopus and that this takes place BEFORE Ariel and her sisters. I hope you enjoy!!~


The warm Atlantic water slithers against your undulating body, softly billowing through your (h/l) (h/c) as you swim through King Triton’s golden palace during your routine patrol. Your scaly (t/c) tail forcefully propels you forward in graceful strokes that oblige you to grip the sword at your hip to keep it from wagging. Around you your fellow guardsmen give wary glances at the gold-plated armlets that signify your authoritative stature. It’s unheard of—of a mermaid being a Captain in Triton’s army, let alone a soldier. Even your envious male counterparts can’t dismiss or deny your valor or combat skill, and you’re aware of it. Such aspects are why you’re one of the King’s most trusted guardsmen.
You nod to passing courtiers before swimming beneath a
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 389 78
Spell on You (Male!SandersonSistersxReader) Pt.1
“Oh, come on (y/n). Don’t look so glum,” your mom chimes from the front seat of the van.
You scowl at the window you’re staring out of. “Kinda hard not to,” you mutter.
Your dad glances at you from the rearview mirror. “This should be fun, not the end of the world!” he says. “Just think of it as we’re getting a new home.”
“You’re turning me into an archetype, for Christ’s sake!” you scoff. They exchange a wary look while you shake your head incredulously. “Seriously, do you even know how many stories this is the plot line of? ‘Girl moves to new city with family’? This is not gonna have a happy ending for me. I’m not gonna end up in some bathhouse in the spirit world, or meet a giant bear-rabbit thing in the forest and go on magical freaking adventures. I’m going to be shunned, bullied, and lonely.”
“Don’t say that! You have no idea how things will tu
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 225 81
Mature content
Temptress' Game (Male!JessicaRabbitxReader) 2/2 :iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 278 57
Temptress' Game (Male!JessicaRabbitxReader) 1/2
~A/N: Hey lovelies!! As most of you know, this is a lemon, meaning only those who are old enough will be able to read the second part!! ;)~
~Also, this is a *CONTINUATION* of my original piece, so don't read on unless you wanna be confused. Link down below!!~ 

Life wasn't meant to be this perfect. It was meant be longingly watched on the silver screen until you were given a dose of the bland, mediocre reality. And yet your world has been set ablaze with a fire that burns to your core and leaves you breathless. All because of the man who now shares with you everything he is—his life, his heart, his dreams and fears, and his name.
(F/n) Rabbit. What level of absurd luck were you blessed with to become wife of the epitome of a woman’s desires? That strawberry hair; that crooked, pearl smile; that sultry yet husky voice; those penetrating powder blue eyes. They’re all yours, all bending to whatever your will bids of them without a moment’
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 314 46
Had To Be You (Male!JessicaRabbitxReader) One-Shot
~A/N: I am a sneaky devil, I know lol. I'm sorry for posting on such a family-oriented day, but the truth is this is the first time in my life I'm not able to spend Thanksgiving with my parents/family. So I figured I'd spend it with people I also love so very dearly: you guys!! To those who are also having to spend today alone, I'm there with you in my heart. I love ya'll~


Strawberry fields.
That’s what it always reminds you of as your hand weaves in and out of thick waves, twisting them over and beneath each other in ways that often pulls soft hums and, perhaps, a tired groan. Your fingers move down to the slender yet taut shoulder muscles, bare and dotted with the faintest of freckles only you have knowledge of. The sinew barely yields to the circulating pressure you apply, but you don’t really notice. Every thought in your mind is focused on the silkiness of the flesh, of the spiced cologne that’s stirred whenever your nails acciden
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 575 91
Mature content
(Beast X Reader) Beauty and the Beast :iconcutiepie0409:Cutiepie0409 37 0
Criminal Minds x Mother! Reader | Taken? Part 2
You woke up with a gasp, Immediately regretting it. You look around, And notice you’re at a hospital; And you don’t see Julian anywhere. Your eyes widened, And you force your body to move, And hold down your cries of pain.
“(Full Name)?” A nurse comes inside your room, And gasps when she sees you move around. “You cannot move right now! You’re going to open your stitches!”
She tries to get you to lay down on the bed, So you push her out of your side.
“I need you to call the police! Please!” You try to walk but then feel a huge amount of pain on your right leg.
“You’re opening your stitches! Ma’am, Please! Sit on the bed!” She calls other nurses to help you lay on the bed, But you’re not having it.
You push them away, But they end up pushing you back on the bed. They were going to strap you down.
“No! Please! You don’t understand! She took my son! She took him! Please! Someone call the police
:iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 15 1
Mature content
Criminal Minds x Kidnapped! Babysitter! Reader :iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 15 4
Criminal Minds x Mother! Reader | Taken?
You got inside your car, Driving to your sons school. You were (Full Name) and you were a home decorator. You were 25 year old single mom with a 7 year old son named Julian (Last Name); You got divorced a few years ago, Since the marriage wasn't going well. Your ex-husband was a military officer, And was abroad for long periods of time; He would spend the time he had with the two of you, But him being away made it harder and harder. You were both peaceful on the divorce and had no trouble splitting everything. You moved and got a job as a home decorator. You have made many friends and many hooky clients, But you have made it through. You took Julian with you, Since he is too little to stay at home alone, And you couldn't get a sitter.
Singing your favourite song, You parked somewhere in the long line of cars in front of the school, Looking at the time and waiting until the bell rung. Julian was one of the first to come out, Since he was always excited to see you and hug you. He was jus
:iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 18 14
Derek Morgan x Teen! Kidnapped! Reader
You walked your dog, Bella. She was a golden retriever and your best friend. It was about 6PM in the after noon, And it was getting pretty dark. You quickly finished, Bringing her inside and locking all the doors and windows. You parents would be home in about 10 minutes, Since you called them earlier. You took a bath, Putting on your pajamas, And quickly getting into bed. You whistled, Bella not coming up the stairs
"Bella? Come on!" You called once again, But she didn't go up the stairs.
"Ugh.. She's probably just sleeping already" You got off the bed, Just to make sure she wasn't sleeping anywhere dangerous.
You walked down the stairs, Turning on the lights. You saw your parents car outside, And you smiled.
"Fucking finally" Your eyes widen when you see Bella outside, Scratching the door.
You see your reflection, A man dressed in black behind you. You gasp, Just as he puts a rag on your nose and mouth. Your eyes widen, Making you kick and scream. Your parents see, As they try to go
:iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 55 13
I Dont Need Help Dean Winchester x Disabled!Reader
"Hey Garth do you know anyone in the Chicago area? Sammy and I need some help and a nest of vamps..."
"Oh! Yeah! (M/N) is good. He grew up there so he can act as a tour guide as well! He's kinda young, only 19, but I promise, he's good at what he does."
"Cool. Thanks, man." Dean hangs up his phone and revs the engine of the Impala, and looks over at Sam, who managed to fall asleep after lunch. He smiles to himself.
I stand up, grabbing my cane on the way up, and walk towards the kitchen for a beer; my cane acts as a 3rd leg, and I put some pretty obvious weight on it. I lean on my cane and grab a beer from the fridge, making my way back to the couch and I land with a huff. I look at the cane that has helped me for so long; I made it when I was 14, right after my leg started showing signs of giving out. The wood was carved from an Oak tree that used to live outside my house, and I stained it black and gave it a marble handle so it fit nicely in my hand.
I sigh and pop the beer ope
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 65 7
It The Little Things (Reid x punk!Reader)
You open your door, immediately stripping the button down shirt, tie, and dockers off your body, replacing them with dark skinny jeans, a Metallica shirt and converse. You open the drawer next to the door, and taking a remote, blasting music through the house. You take a deep breath, relishing in the fact that you could be you now. You grabbed all your bracelets, 6 rubber Band bracelets, a rainbow tile bracelet, a diamond tennis bracelet and several cuffs. You loved these clothes, they were  No fancy clothes, no formal greetings, just you, and that was all you needed as your body relaxed, every muscle unclentching one by one, as you made your way to the kitchen. You heard a knock, thinking it would be Tony, a good friend, you opened it with a smile, but the smile dropped as you saw Reid in the door way.
"Who got murdered?" You said, a deep sigh following.
"Well, um, actually, I was just checking on you. You seemed distressed right before leaving the BAU, and I thought
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 162 6
I still need cuddles. (Spencer Reid x Punk!Reader)
You put your head phones on, letting the music wash over you. "Cuz' teenager scare, the livin' shit outta me!!" You sang along, head banging. To say the least, you were a punk. You had a soft spot for loud music. You had a few tattoos, and a few piercings, and loved your music loud. You flopped on the couch, drumming to the beat. Oh, one little thing: you worked in forensics. You tended to partner with Spencer Reid, as you were both autistic, so you were able to pick each other's brains accordingly. You both felt comfortable around each other, so naturally you got paired together.
"Hey Spencer!" You yell through the office.
"Figure something out (N/N)?" He said, walking in to see you with your music.
"Yeah. What is the age group of the murder victims?"
"18-23. Why?"
"Because I got him. Bob McMurphy. Registered sex offender."
"How do you know?" He looked at you skeptically.
"Because A) never trust an addict, and B) it takes an addict to know an addict. I found coke around the crime scen
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 155 27




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